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It’s time to heal our wounds and enhance solidarity


We express our condolences and wish strength to those who lost their loved ones in the devastating earthquake that affected ten cities in Turkey on February 6. We also wish a quick recovery to those who were injured. 

We feel heavy-hearted with grief and anger. While we heal our wounds, we continue to try and comprehend the extent of this devastation. We feel in our hearts the pain of those who lost their loved ones and homes. We feel rage towards those whose negligence has exponentially increased the extent of our loss. We are aware of our responsibility to carry with us the hope much needed to overcome these difficult days. Repairing the destruction this earthquake has caused will be a long process for all of us. Hafiza Merkezi plans on using its institutional resources to build solidarity with the region in the coming days. 

As an organization that advocates for rule of law, the fight against impunity, the right to life and building networks of solidarity within our society, we will continue to work with our partners in affected cities towards building peace and ensuring justice in the region.