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  As part of the Regional Network for Historical Dialogue and Dealing with the Past (RNHDP), Hafiza Merkezi has organized a seven-days training program, in cooperation with the Alliance for Historical Dialogue and Accountability Program (AHDA) at Columbia University and Columbia Global Centers | Turkey, The training program hosted civil society professionals working in the MENA and Caucasus region, working on issues including (but not limited to) transitional justice, truth and reconciliation, historical conflict, minority rights, accountability, memory studies, oral history, sites of memory and related areas where historical dialogue is a central component.

Seminar Program & Trainers

June 9thHistorical DialogueElazar Barkan
June 9thContemporary Perceptions of Transitional Justice:Four Pillars or Cement Binding the Foundation?Refik Hodzic
June 9thTruth Commissions: Contributions and ChallengesRefik Hodzic
June 10thOral History, Truth Seeking and GenderÖzgür Sevgi Göral
June 10thArchiving, Documentation and the case of Ex-Yugoslavia Marijana Toma
June 11thHistorical Commissions Elazar Barkan
June 11thDesigning Museums, Memorials, and ExhibitsBarbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett
June 12thCapacity Building Workshop: AHDA and AHDA Fellows' Projects Ariella Lang
June 13thIstanbulSites of Memory Walking Tour Asena Günal
June 15thPeace and Turkey's Peace Process: Opportunities and ChallengesEvren Balta,Murat Çelikkan
June 15thComparative Issues for Civil Societies in MENA and Caucasus Region, and Possibilities of Joint Projects within the RNHDP Lynn Maalouf


 Participant NameInstitution NameLocation of the Institution
1Armine ZakaryanPeace DialogueArmenia
2Lara AharonianWomen's Resource Center ArmeniaArmenia
3Tamar LobjanidzeInternational Committee of the Red CrossGeorgia
4Lior YavneAkevot Institute for Israeli-Palestinian Conflict ResearchIsrael
5Yara HawariAl ManarIsrael/ Palestine
6Reem El SoussiAct for the DisappearedLebanon
7Hela BoujnahAssociation of Defense Of Human RightsTunisia
8Berivan Eliş TürkmenHafıza KaydıTurkey
9Serkan AkbaşDiyarbakır Bar AssociationTurkey
10Mukadder Ezel YılmazDiyarbakır Arts CenterTurkey
11Tahir ElçiDiyarbakır Bar AssociationTurkey
12Hülya ÜçpınarNonviolent Education and Research CenterTurkey
13Ebru ErgünTarlabaşı Community CenterTurkey
14Fezile OsumInitiative for Freedom of ExpressionTurkey
15Mariat ImaeveEuropean Human Rights Advocacy CentreUK
16Maryam HosseinkhahJustice for IranUK
17Abdelghani BoutriaMich’al Association of Families of the DisappearedAlgeria